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Organic printed apparel with in-house print designs

Tired of seeing the same recycled images mass produced on low quality T-shirts? So were we! That’s why each of our prints in our sustainable clothing range is thoughtfully designed, from sketchbook to screen, by us.

It could be the ongoing destruction of the Rainforest by palm oil producers or the mountains of E-waste dumped in West Africa each day. Each one of our designs vibrantly addresses an issue in illustrative form, allowing YOU to spread the word in style!

Not only do we enjoy talking about the world around us, we love taking part in the thrilling adventures it has to offer. That’s why we feel that our organic and recycled clothes have to stand up to the challenge as well.

Our organic and recycled range are made using high quality textiles, most of which are manufactured in carbon neutral facilities! Providing you with comfy-soft clothes that can face, skateboarding, longboarding, climbing, hiking, cycling, running, jumping, wrestling, frolicking and whatever else you may be passionate about.

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